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1395/11/24 07:24

Top thought Cup race

Regulations Cup Premier thinks aged under 16 years boys and girls Alborz Province
1 matches on Thursday 1 July at 9:30 am will begin. Thursdays and Fridays are just one round will be held every day.
2. World Chess Federation regulations apply in the tournament.
3 matches in 7 rounds and is held by Switzerland.
4. The game time plus 30 bonus seconds for every move 90 × 2 is.
5. born after 10/11/77 are allowed to participate in the tournament. And if a quorum is not open to two age groups closely integrated.
A) born after 10/11/85 the age of 8 years
B) born after 11/10/83 the age of 10 years
C) 12 years of age born after 10/11/81
D) 14 years of age born after 10/11/79
E) 16 years of age born after 10/11/77
6-delay more than 30 minutes of play time to a losing player will be announced.
7. Absence without prior notice to remove the player from the tournament will be.
8. tied: winners will be determined based on points earned if you had two or more players score against break-points to determine the winners will be used in the following ways:
A direct confrontation (if rated players, all have played together)
(B) Bukharin cut HOLZ-HER 1
A: Bukharin cut HOLZ-HER 2
D: Bukharin HOLZ-HER average of 150
E: Total Bukharin HOLZ-HER
9. The entrance fee is Rs 15,000. Tele-register before the race.
People who register race day: 20000 tomans
10 awards competitions: the top three in each category will be awarded medals and cup sentence.
Note: players from other provinces could also participate in the tournament.
Note: classes are held for boys and girls separately.



far way


Thursday 1 July


9:30 am

Friday 2 July


9:30 am

Thursday 8 July


9:30 am

Friday 9 July


9:30 am

Mordad 15


9:30 am

Mordad 16


9:30 am

Mordad 22


9:30 am

 Venue: Karaj Boulevard, revolver - between Misbah and Sassanid - Next Ferdowsi - Kianpour Stadium - Chess Association Alborz Province
Contact Number: 32862269
Tournament committee: Honorary 09123681837


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