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Terms and conditions:


In this section the words that are used in the text of laws, are defined.

· Store: Online store Kajsa

· Site: Web site and online store Kaisa to address

· The site's content includes news, photo galleries and educational materials, including videos, books and pamphlets chess as well as on the possibility of payment of tuition and the cost of buying the things for chess and final test .... are available.

· User: Any person who Kajsa be logged via the Internet, the user can be considered.

· Registered User who completed the initial membership or become a site is deemed to be a member. Some educational opportunities will be enabled only for members.

• Customer: The user or member of the shopping site.

· Custom: Choose a product or service and want to buy them with the customer.
Offer and acceptance Order

Similarly, the physical environment, the environment and any transaction is done electronically, indicate the presence of a contract or a contract. is.

Offer, proposed a deal to the other person so that if the proposal is accepted, the contract is signed. It was accepted following the required consent for contracting tools. So when offer and acceptance of the data message be done through an online contract has been concluded, so the customer when their order is final. In fact, the contract is concluded, is required to pay the money.

Note that only positive requires commitment and he can not create the demand, how long it lasts, or other conditions specified in the offer.

Payment of fees or buy from the shop:

Step One: Find a different pack fees or products available
Step Two: Add to Cart
The third step: complete the purchase and online payments through payment gateways

 Essential Tips:

1. users and members to view, download, or even add to cart products are not required to register on the site. But if registered, in addition to future purchases are not obliged to enter information, you can take advantage of sales and discounts, including knowledge of particular benefit. By recording this information, users and members while ensuring the preservation of their data to the site, the disposal site to be used to communicate.
2 users and members to pay tuition are required to register on the site to Kaisa Chess Academy was able to pay the tuition issue.

Payment methods

In order to ensure well-being more and more customers and members, Chess Academy Kajsa all possible ways and means of paying for Members provide:

1. Online payment (payments through payment gateways (

2. bank deposit account

3. card to card

4. Pay special place customers in the city of Karaj (in cash or by credit card (

Methods orders

1. Purchase of booklets and instructional videos showing the download link immediately after purchase is done.
2. Buy the above or other purchases, including books, pamphlets, CDs and .... is or can be sent by express post office. In this case custom packaging (including additional coverage in packaging) costs apart from the expense calculated to be received

Powers site

Kaisa Chess Academy site but does not address any other official.