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1395/11/24 20:31

Azerbaijani generals Cup fourth round

. Wednesday 31 July 1394 from 17 matches hosted by the Chess Association and the city of Orumiyeh, West Azarbaijan province will begin. The presence of all participants at the venue one hour before the start of the first round is required.
2. 3 matches in a conventional table (Rytd) simultaneously and a thunderous table (Rytd) will be held as follows:
Table A: especially the players with a rating of 2100 and higher
Table B: Special players have a rating of less than 2100 and without rating
Table C: for players ages less than 14 years of age (born 10.11.1379 and later)
Table blitzkrieg ( "2 + '3 × 2): For All Players

3. Rules the World Chess Federation (FIDE) championship is over.
Note: The delay allowed time for the players in the tournament desk 30 minutes.
4. 90 minutes playing time for each player in the conventional tables for the whole game and 30 seconds bonus per move starting from the first move of the game. (The thunderous 3 minutes for the whole game and two bonus seconds for each move from the first move of the game is intended.)
5. Sports insurance card along with a valid membership number 1394 and having a comprehensive system Iranian Chess Federation is required for all players.
6. Conventional tables tournament will be held in 9 rounds Swiss. Tournament thunderous table according to the number of participants will be held on 11 or 13 rounds by the Swiss.
7. The final ranking was based on total points scored by any player in the tournament will be determined. If two or more players have earned the same score, to determine the rankings following their conquests of knots and will be used in order of priority:
Table A: a) direct confrontation (if all players are level on points two and two together and played there) b) Average rating opponent (regardless of the lowest and highest rating) c) number of wins more d) number of wins with the black pieces (boards Fvrfyt and the rest will be seen playing with white pieces) e) Bukharin HOLZ-HER
Tables B and C and thunderous: a) Bukharin HOLZ-HER cut 1 b) 2 c Bukharin cut HOLZ-HER) Bukharin HOLZ-HER average 1 d) Bukharin HOLZ-HER average 2 e) Total Bukharin HOLZ-HER


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